VentureX is changing shape

We’ve got some exciting news. 

Just like a startup, VentureX recognised our need to refine our direction. That’s why we’re excited to announce VentureX Capital – a syndicate that will invest in female led companies. 

Why the refocus?
After a successful first year working with founders and investors, the overwhelming feedback received was raising capital continues to be the key problem for female founders. 
There also remains a gap in capital invested into female founded companies globally. In Australia in 2022, only 3% of venture capital funding went to women only founded companies, with only 10% going to gender diverse teams.
But BCG research found female-led businesses generated more than 10% higher revenues annually, and per dollar of investment generated 78 cents while male-founded startups generated only 31 cents.
Now is the time to level the playing field.
For the syndicate, our investment focus will be on:

  • Female led ventures or teams with at least 1 woman in an executive role who holds significant equity. 
  • Product: scalable enterprises with a competitive advantage, preferably with a defendable IP position.
  • Traction: MVP, product in market with evidence of market fit and customer validation.
  • Team: a skilled team with a global mindset and the expertise to execute.
  • Industry agnostic: we’re open to all verticals.

If you’re an angel investor interested in accessing deals and investing alongside VentureX Capital, apply to join the syndicate.
We’ll continue to host events and sessions throughout 2023 for investors, so stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the team. 

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