About Us

Our Mission

VentureX’s mission is to facilitate investment in the best female founders in Australia. For us it’s not just about writing the cheque, it’s about providing a support system of mentors, investors and peers to give founders (and our investments) the best chance of success.

The Evolution

We’ve evolved since we started in 2022 going from an investor and founder education network to a syndicate.

Why the change? Feedback (we’re big on it) from our network that they are looking for deals into female founders. So we decided to create a syndicate that supports new and experienced investors, leveraging our experience and passion for investing into female led ventures.

The Team

VentureX Capital is a team of experienced angels, investors, executives and operators to cover all the ins and outs of investment from sourcing startups, preparing deals, assessing risks and supporting companies to scale.

Here’s a snapshot of our track record:

💸 Invested in 30+ angel investments (with an exit) across verticals which have raised funding from eBay Ventures, Franklin Templeton, RAC Betterlabs, Golden Seeds, Brisbane Angels and Melbourne Angels.

🚀 Actively participated in multiple angel syndicates including West Tech Fest, Scale Investors, Scaling Women’s Fund.

🦄 Helped facilitate 100+ deals and evaluated 2500+ startups for investment.

Meet the Team